Behind the Screens

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This book is a high-level overview going over a variety of topics around app development that are often overlooked, with the bulk of the book exploring independent developers’ lives and journeys.

This is a work in progress, and updates will be released to add new content to chapters.

Chapter list:

  1. First Steps

  2. Move Fast and Break Things

  3. Move Slow and Maintain Things

  4. Designing Great User Interfaces

  5. Designing Great App Icons

  6. Accessibility and Feel

  7. Be the Best in Class

  8. Taking Your App for a Test Flight

  9. Prepare for Submission

  10. Pricing Your App

  11. Reaching an Audience

  12. Going Viral

  13. Getting Featured

  14. App Store and Ratings

  15. Updates, Updates, Updates

  16. Defining a Successful App

  17. Great Stories, Greater People

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch. I’m available through Twitter

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Behind the Screens

2 ratings
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